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Numbness In Arms
I was having numbness in my arms that had been going on for weeks. I couldn’t feel my hands. My arms and hands were constantly numb. The problem was so severe that I wasn’t able to sleep at night.

After a few weeks of chiropractic care, I started to notice some improvement. I knew that I was in the right hands with my care. Now my numbness is completely gone and I can sleep much better at night!

I understand how important it is to have your spine checked and aligned. My family is under care and we are all very healthy!

My body is strong because of chiropractic care. Keeping your body functioning as strong as possible at all times, regardless of symptoms, is the best prevention there is!


I started coming to Scoles Family Chiropractic because I was having sciatica. It was a struggle to sit or drive for an extended period of time. Sleeping was tough as well. It tremendously affected me at work because I had to sit and drive a lot.

At first I tried medications and physical therapy. They would help me temporarily, but the pain would come back.

Chiropractic care has helped me greatly. I have improved and progressed over the months. The aggravation and pain is not as consistent and only comes and goes occasionally now.

I have been able to decrease medication use. Chiropractic care has improved my quality of life very much. I am healthier than I was a year ago. I was a little hesitant about chiropractic care at the beginning, but I’m so glad that I came here.


Headaches & Neck Pain
After a cruise I developed a disorder of my body’s balancing (vestibular) system. It caused headaches, back and neck pain, and the sensation that I was constantly being rocked on a boat. I was unable to walk. I was constantly stressed and was having trouble with my vision. I dried medication and physical therapy, but that only seemed to make the problem worse.

I waited three months before I finally tried chiropractic care. My headaches and back pain are now gone. I have been able to decrease mediation use and my quality of life has improved!

I finally got off the boat after 6 weeks under chiropractic care!


I was having weekly migraines that lasted 1-2 days. I also had pain in my low back that would shoot down both of my legs. I was sick all of the time and took antibiotics every 6-8 weeks. I couldn’t participate in life when I had a migraine. I couldn’t hike like I wanted to. Cleaning the house was also hard. At first I tried medications and physical therapy, but nothing got better.

Since starting chiropractic care, I’m off all migraine medications, and I no longer have back pain. I haven’t had a migraine or taken an antibiotic since my first month of care. I have stopped 5 daily medications not including antibiotics! I have my life back. I can’t believe how much it helped with my immunity. I feel better now than I did when I was 18!


Low Back Pain
Before I came to Scoles Family Chiropractic, I was having severe low back pain. The doctor told me that I had spinal stenosis. It was so sever, I had trouble walking and sitting. The problem had been going on for years. It affected all aspects of my daily life.

I have been under care for 6 months now and I am able to walk much better as well as exercise. I have been able to reduce the amount of Ibuprofen that I was taking. I can play with my kids again! I am a firm believer that chiropractic adjustments help relieve pain and discomfort. It does take time to heal from years of being out of alignment.

I was contemplating surgery for my condition before I started chiropractic care, but I did not want to do something that could impair my ability to have a normal life. Chiropractic was my last hope to feeling pain-free and having more mobility!


Low Back Pain
I was having low back pain because of my poor posture and improper lifting techniques that started a few months before I started coming to Scoles Family Chiropractic. It was often painful to sit for long periods of time. It also made it difficult to perform certain exercises. I tried using a foam roller and doing hip mobility drills, but only saw minimal results.

I no longer have any pain whatsoever in my back. It only took me a couple of months before I noticed my progress. From an athletic stand point, I am finally able to train uninhibited. I am in the best shape of my life now!

Chiropractic care has improved my quality of life. I am healthier now than I was a year ago, and I am continuing to get better!


Migraines, Headaches, and Low Back Pain
I was in a car accident in 2014, which caused migraines, headaches, and low back pain. I couldn’t concentrate or stand for long periods of time. I would have to call in sick a lot for work. I was on muscle relaxers, but they made me sleepy all of the time.

I noticed a difference in my health after the very first adjustment! I have not had a migraine since starting chiropractic care, and my headaches have decreased tremendously. I have been able to decrease medication and increase my quality of life! I was a little hesitant about chiropractic care before, but it has helped me a lot since I started going!


Hand Pain
My hands would constantly hurt before I came to Scoles Family Chiropractic. I have caned chairs for years, so I had severe thumb pain. It was constantly painful to pick things up. Pretty much everything that involved using my hands was painful. I tried Asprin and hand wraps. The medication was a temporary relief, but the pain would come back.

Not only do my hands not hurt now, but my balance, sleeping, and energy levels have improved remarkable. I thought these problems were age-related, but they were actually because of spinal misalignments.

I noticed progress after two weeks of care. I don’t take Asprin anymore! I’m just sorry that I waited so long to come in!


Low Back Pain
I came to Scoles Family Chiropractic because I was having low back pain. The problem started years ago, and it affected my daily life a lot. I tried medications, but I never got good results.

After one month of care I was able to play golf again. I can walk without pain now, and I was even able to decrease my medication!

Chiropractic care has improved my quality of life, and I am healthier than I was a year ago. I no longer have any complaints. I was hesitant about chiropractic care before I started, but I am so glad that I came now!


Vertigo & Back Pain
In 2011 I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder that caused me to have vertigo. I couldn’t walk straight nor move around much. My head felt like it was floating whenever I bent over or got up from the couch. I fell down a lot.

When I came to Scoles Family Chiropractic they talked about how the nervous system controlled everything in the body. I only came to them for my back pain because I didn’t believe that they could help my vertigo. I thought I would be like this forever.

My back pain starting getting better, and then all of a sudden I noticed that at times my head was not floating and I was walking somewhat normal. I continued treatment, and after four weeks I noticed that my vertigo was gone. To me, this is a miracle!

I don’t fall over when I bend down, my low back pain is much better, and I have been able to decrease my medication usage. I can do things I couldn’t do before!


Shoulder Pain
I originally started coming into Scoles Family Chiropractic because I was having severe shoulder pain and was having trouble reaching above my head. As a painter, that is very important. Any time that I stretched or tried to put my belt on the shoulder pain would flare up.

I have been coming to Scoles Family Chiropractic for only a month, and I have noticed tremendous improvements. I can now reach over my head and putting my seat belt on doesn’t give me any trouble. The numbness and tingling that I had going down my arm is now totally gone!


Severe Headaches
For weeks I was having severe headaches. I even occasionally had migraines. The pain was so severe that I did not feel like doing anything other than trying to sleep to make the pain go away.

Since I started chiropractic care at Scoles Family Chiropractic, my headaches and migraines are much better! I can even sleep better!

Because I feel better physically, that in turn makes my emotional and spiritual health more positive.

I am now more able to be myself. I am now even able to participate in more family activities than I was before.


Ear Infections
Hi! My name is Reid and I am 8 years old. I have had chronic ear infections for 5 years. I was constantly on antibiotics since the infection would always return. I missed a lot of school. I even got tubes put in my ears, which is major surgery!

My mom brought me to Scoles Family Chiropractic to get specific scientific adjustments on my spine. Now I don’t have any more ear infections, and the tubes are out! It only took a few weeks to see results and to get me off the antibiotics!

I am so happy I came to Scoles!


Lower Leg & Knee Pain
When I first came to Scoles Family Chiropractic, I had very intense pain in my lower leg and my knee was swollen. Initially, the pain started a couple of years ago and then subsided for months. The pain returned in October and was so intense that I could not walk. I tried medications, rest, and ice to help, but nothing would ease the pain. The pain became so unbearable that I decided to try chiropractic though I was very hesitant about it.

After my first visit, I could walk to my car! After about the 8th visit, I was able to walk with ZERO PAIN! I can garden and walk now; both of which I haven’t been able to do in a long while! Chiropractic has improved and restored my quality of life! I’m healthier now than I was a year ago and am now pain free thanks to Scoles Family Chiropractic!


Pediatric Ear Infection
From the time our daughter, Laiken, was 3 years old, we visited the doctor an average of three times a month! Every time it was the same story, a runny nose that would turn into an ear infection. The pediatrician experimented with several types of allergy medicine, leaving her dazed.

My husband and I were very frustrated that our 3 year old was taking daily medicine and there was no end in sight. Both of our parents were chiropractic patients and talked to us about having Laiken checked by their chiropractors. We were nervous about having our child adjusted and neither one of us believed that it could help, but at that point our only options were daily medication or allergy shots. Neither of us liked those choices and we were very tired of watching our daughter suffer.

After talking with Dr. Jennifer about what was going on, we brought Laiken to have her evaluated and decided to give chiropractic a try. That same day, we took our 8-month-old son to the pediatrician for his third ear infection! So he started getting adjusted, too.

As a result of the findings on our kids, our whole family is adjusted on a weekly basis. Laiken, now 6 years old, does not take allergy medicine and we rarely have to visit the medical doctor! Landon, who is now 2, has only had one ear infection since he started receiving adjustments! Our family’s overall health has improved as a result of chiropractic care.

The White Family

Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, and Muscle Spasms

I had a car accident around 6 years and it caused me to have several issues. I had trouble lifting my arms to comb my hair, it was painful to turn my neck when driving, and I could not lie down in bed due to neck stiffness. I tried medication and physical therapy, but they only gave me temporary relief. The adjustments I received at at Scoles Family Chiropractic relieved my neck and shoulder stiffness. I do not have any other symptoms when I get regular adjustments!

Neck Pain

I experienced neck pain for years before I began care at Scoles Family Chiropractic. My pain was so severe that it interrupted my sleep, and I had pain while sitting and driving. Since staring chiropractic care I can drive and sit comfortably for longer periods of time. I also am able to sleep well, which gives me energy for my days. 

Shoulder and Neck Pain

For years I experienced neck and shoulder pain. The pain affected my ability to sleep, and created difficulty with certain physical activities. Since being under chiropractic care my neck and shoulder pain is significantly better. If I ever do have a flare up it goes away quickly with my regular adjustments. Because my pain has decreased, I am happier and better at handling life’s daily stress.