Chiropractic During Pregnancy

During a woman’s pregnancy, her body goes through many structural and hormonal changes as her body prepares to carry and deliver a child. As a woman progresses through her pregnancy, her pelvic bones begin to shift, her center of gravity changes, her gait changes, and she gains weight. A combination of all of these factors can create increased stress on the spine and pelvis causing nausea, neck pain, upper back pain, lower back pain, and sciatica. Luckily, chiropractic care is a safe, gentle, and natural way to restore alignment, balance, and to decrease pain.

Chiropractic care has also been shown to decrease the likelihood of a breech presentation during pregnancy and facilitate faster and easier deliveries. This is made possible by gentle chiropractic adjustments that re-align the pelvis and relax certain ligaments, allowing the baby to move into the optimal position for delivery. Our doctors of chiropractic are trained to evaluate and treat pregnant women using a variety of techniques, as well as recognize emergency symptoms and make proper referrals and recommendations.

Similarly, after delivery a woman’s body continues to experience rapid changes structurally and hormonally. Oftentimes a new mother spends hours in uncomfortable positions nursing, sleeping, or carrying the newborn. Chiropractors use similar adjustment techniques to restore alignment and balance and remove nerve interference to promote healing after delivery. This is also a great time for baby’s first adjustment!

Check out what this practice member had to say about her experience with chiropractic care during her pregnancy:

“After my first adjustment, I had almost immediate relief, and I was sold on chiropractic care. It was eventually discovered that the pain was related to the less than optimal position of the baby. Dr. Jennifer performed something called Webster’s technique that resulted in the baby moving into the ideal position for birth. One week later, our family was blessed with the arrival of our second child, Emerson. I had an un-medicated birth and successfully and quickly delivered an almost 9 lb. baby. I credit the wonderful work of Dr. Jennifer and Dr. Andy and chiropractic care with keeping me from having surgery and for my speedy recovery after the birth of my child.”- Jamie

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I was having numbness in my arms that had been going on for weeks. I couldn’t feel my hands. My arms and hands were constantly numb. The problem was so severe that I wasn’t able to sleep at night.

After a few weeks of chiropractic care, I started to notice some improvement. I knew that I was in the right hands with my care. Now my numbness is completely gone and I can sleep much better at night!


I have been under care for 6 months now and I am able to walk much better as well as exercise. I have been able to reduce the amount of Ibuprofen that I was taking. I can play with my kids again! I am a firm believer that chiropractic adjustments help relieve pain and discomfort. It does take time to heal from years of being out of alignment.

I was contemplating surgery for my condition before I started chiropractic care, but I did not want to do something that could impair my ability to have a normal life. Chiropractic was my last hope to feeling pain-free and having more mobility!


After a cruise I developed a disorder of my body’s balancing (vestibular) system. It caused headaches, back and neck pain, and the sensation that I was constantly being rocked on a boat. I was unable to walk. I was constantly stressed and was having trouble with my vision. I dried medication and physical therapy, but that only seemed to make the problem worse.

I waited three months before I finally tried chiropractic care. My headaches and back pain are now gone. I have been able to decrease mediation use and my quality of life has improved!