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We value our patients' experience at Scoles Family Chiropractic. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete our Testimonial Questionnaire

Drs. Andy and Jennifer Scoles
Your Knoxville Chiropractor

Improved Neck Mobility

Trigeminal Neuralgia and Neck Pain

 Lower Back Pain and Neck Stiffness        

Ear Infections

Pregnancy Went Great    

The Whole Family Benefits

Fibromyalgia Relieved Through Chiropractic Care

Bethany – “Asthma & Sickness Decreased!”

My name is Bethany Stauder and I am 8 years old.  I have asthma and allergies.  I can’t do very much physical activity or I get sick.  I’d like to be able to play outside, but I feel congested.  Last year, I was really sick and went to the emergency room a few times.  My mom had to stay home with me a lot.

But now I’m getting better!  In November, I started coming to Drs. Andy and Jennifer Scoles.  After three months of specific, scientific, chiropractic care, I went from 2 allergy shots a week to only 1 a week.  My breathing output rate went from 95% to 111%.  I hope to get off all my medications!

I don’t get sick very often now!  When I start to get something, my body fights it off on its own without lots of medication.  I am so much healthier now!

Akard Family – “A Principled Chiropractic Family”

We started getting our kids adjusted from birth. It was our desire as parents to give our kids the best chance at a healthy lifestyle, which included regular adjustments. Our kids rarely get sick, but when they do, they recover quickly. We are thankful to say, both of our kids have avoided ear infections since they have been born. Our kids love coming to Scoles Family Chiropractic! Drs. Andy and Jennifer are great with kids. The kids even like to pretend that they are adjusting each other.

Keith & Tammy & Grace (4)& Alex (2)

The Whites – “Allergies Improved!”

From the time our daughter, Laiken, was 3 years old, we visited the doctor an average of three times a month!  Every time it was the same story, a runny nose that would turn into an ear infection.  The pediatrician experimented with several types of allergy medicine, leaving her dazed. 
My husband and I were very frustrated that our 3 year old was taking daily medicine and there was no end in sight.  Both of our parents were chiropractic patients and talked to us about having Laiken checked by their chiropractors.  We were nervous about having our child adjusted and neither one of us believed that it could help, but at that point our only options were daily medication or allergy shots.  Neither of us liked those choices and we were very tired of watching our daughter suffer.
After talking with Dr. Jennifer about what was going on, we brought Laiken to have her evaluated and decided to give chiropractic a try.  That same day, we took our 8-month-old son to the pediatrician for his third ear infection!  So he started getting adjusted, too.
As a result of the findings on our kids, our whole family is adjusted on a weekly basis.  Laiken, now 6 years old, does not take allergy medicine and we rarely have to visit the medical doctor!  Landon, who is now 2, has only had one ear infection since he started receiving adjustments!  Our family’s overall health has improved as a result of chiropractic care.    ~  Benji, Jennifer, Laiken, and Landon

Megan  – “Severe Migraines Improved!”

Over eight years ago I began experiencing severe migraines, and cluster migraines with a “tick” which caused my left eye to twitch before my headache would start. This greatly affected my everyday life. I was taking medication daily to prevent migraines, and I missed work and special occasions due to headache spells. My medication levels had to be changed or increased periodically in order to be effective.

After coming to Scoles Family Chiropractic I noticed my progress right away. I have not had one headache since I started getting adjusted.  This is the longest I have gone without a headache in years. Chiropractic care has definitely improved my quality of life.

Brock – “Bye-Bye Chronic Constipation!”

Since age one, I was on laxative prescriptions. I had seen a gastro doctor, and had several tests in the past that were of no help to me. I had severe constipation and would go ten to fourteen days without a bowel movement.

This made everyday life difficult. I had encopresis once or twice a week. I experienced embarrassment at school and social gatherings. It created tension in my family, limited overnight visits, and caused difficulties when traveling.

Since coming to Scoles Family Chiropractic, I no longer need prescription laxatives.  Every time I get adjusted I have a bowel movement.  Most often I have a bowel movement immediately, but definitely within two to three hours of an adjustment. I noticed my progress immediately. Chiropractic care has improved my quality of life, and I am much healthier now.   

“Doc” – “Blood Pressure Lowered!”

For years I suffered with high blood pressure, stomach problems, and headaches. I was always stiff, and had numbness in my fingers. Then one day could not get out of bed due to my back pain.
All of these things made it really hard to play with my kids, and just live everyday life. Since I have been coming to the chiropractor I have not had any stomach problems, my blood pressure is lower, and I have less headaches then I did before. I was able to decrease medications and I definitely feel like I am healthier then I was this time last year!

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have been so pleased with meeting Scoles Family Chiropractic. I feel so good every time I go. I can tell them where I have an issue and they fix me. Thank you so much Dr. Andy and Dr.Jennifer.

Melanie N.
Knoxville, TN

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