Simple Ways to Protect Your Spine From The Risks of Working From Home 

Working from home can be a real pain in the neck. No, we really mean that! Because as freeing as remote work can be, it can be all-too-tempting to sit for hours on end when your home is your office. This can lead to pains in your neck and your back. So if you’re still working from home or at a desk, you need these tips to take care of your spine. 

Stand Up At Least Once Every Hour 

We sit a lot these days. We sit for work and to relax. We even sit when we drive to the store to pick up essentials. Unfortunately, too much sitting is never good for your body or, in particular, your spine. Researchers have even coined a name for these collective effects: sitting disease. These same experts even note that sitting can be worse for your health than smoking. Those are some scary facts — especially if you’ve just been sitting for hours, reading this.

The good news is that reversing sitting disease and its impact on your spine is quite simple. You just need to stand up every once in a while. A smartwatch with fitness features like the Apple Series 6 can help you do so. In addition to blood oxygen sensors and an electrocardiogram, this watch will also remind you to stand up and move around more. 

Get Exercise, Especially If You’re Older 

If you’re a senior who sits and works all day, physical activity can help keep your spine nice and healthy. Now, it also goes without saying that any exercises you try should also be safe and help you meet other health goals. Your workouts should also be convenient, which makes indoor exercises a perfect solution to get you out of the chair and moving. 

Starting a regular yoga practice can also help seniors and other adults combat the negative effects of sitting. Basic postures like Mountain, Warrior II, and low lunges are amazing for aligning your spine and working out any back or neck pains. These poses also improve your posture but there are also some pretty amazing tech products available to help with posture. 

Schedule Appointments With a Chiropractor 

In years past, there was a debate as to whether chiropractic treatments were effective for spine and back pain. But there really shouldn’t be a debate! That’s because, in a study conducted with military personnel, scientists found that those who sought help from a chiropractor had less pain than those who did not. In fact, seeing a chiropractor is much safer and more effective than turning to painkillers to relieve the effects of sitting. 

Seeing a chiropractor can have other benefits as well. You’re likely to have more energy to finish all of your tasks while working from home. Plus you can enjoy long-term health perks, like a reduction in overall inflammation and an increase in joint flexibility. 

Consider Replacing Old or Worn Out Mattresses

Getting quality rest is also important for your spine and your overall health. The National Sleep Foundation has reported that people who visit with a chiropractor often report better sleep quality almost immediately. This is just one more reason to schedule regular adjustments, especially if you are experiencing aches and pains while you work from home. 

If you do notice pain while you work, your old mattress could also be part of the problem. Firmer mattresses tend to provide enough support to keep your spine aligned while providing enough comfort to help you get the rest you need. That’s why replacing your worn out mattress with a more supportive one can be such a positive move for your spine and your productivity. 

Working from home shouldn’t have to mean suffering from alignment issues, back pain, or other spine problems. You can protect your spine by standing up, exercising more and getting quality sleep at night. If you really want to take care of your spine and your health, you should also consider setting up regular appointments with an experienced chiropractor. Schedule your first visit with Scoles Family Chiropractic today.

Article Credit: Dana Brown

Photo Credit: Pexels