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Chiropractic care is centered around the nervous system and its effects on human function. Throughout a child’s development, they experience various physical stressors and changes that may cause vertebrae to shift out of alignment such as the birth process, falls while learning to walk, bumping their head, sports, studying, carrying a heavy backpack, video games, etc. These misalignments in the spine, also called “vertebral subluxations” put pressure on the spinal nerves and do not allow them to function optimally. Since the nervous system controls every function in the body including developmental milestones throughout childhood, it is crucial that children are evaluated and adjusted by a licensed doctor of chiropractic as they grow.

Many people would be surprised to know that the best time to get your first adjustment is right after birth! The birthing process, whether natural or caesarean section, puts a great amount of stress on the newborn’s spine, particularly the upper cervical area. Our pediatric chiropractors are trained to evaluate and adjust infants. Adjusting an infant can be done either with an adjusting instrument set on the lowest setting, or manually. When done by hand, the amount of pressure applied to the baby’s spine is about the same amount of pressure you can comfortably apply if you were to push on your eye.

Having your child adjusted and removing interference to the nervous system may decrease the severity of, or prevent common childhood ailments such as: colic, trouble nursing/latching, constipation, asthma, allergies, bedwetting, ADD/ADHD, reflux, common cold, and ear infections.

Pediatric chiropractic care is a very conservative, natural, and cost-effective way to keep you and your family healthy. Before turning to medications, consider having your child evaluated by a chiropractor.

Check out what the White family had to say about their experience with chiropractic care for their children…

“From the time our daughter, Laiken, was 3 years old, we visited the doctor an average of three times a month! Every time it was the same story, a runny nose that would turn into an ear infection. The pediatrician experimented with several types of allergy medicine, leaving her dazed. After talking with Dr. Scoles about what was going on, we brought Laiken to have her evaluated and decided to give chiropractic a try. As a result of the findings on our kids, our whole family started care. Laiken, now 6 years old, does not take allergy medicine and we rarely have to visit the medical doctor! Her brother, Landon, who is now 2, has only had one ear infection since he started receiving adjustments! Our family’s overall health has improved as a result of chiropractic care”- Jennifer W.

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I was having numbness in my arms that had been going on for weeks. I couldn’t feel my hands. My arms and hands were constantly numb. The problem was so severe that I wasn’t able to sleep at night.

After a few weeks of chiropractic care, I started to notice some improvement. I knew that I was in the right hands with my care. Now my numbness is completely gone and I can sleep much better at night!


I have been under care for 6 months now and I am able to walk much better as well as exercise. I have been able to reduce the amount of Ibuprofen that I was taking. I can play with my kids again! I am a firm believer that chiropractic adjustments help relieve pain and discomfort. It does take time to heal from years of being out of alignment.

I was contemplating surgery for my condition before I started chiropractic care, but I did not want to do something that could impair my ability to have a normal life. Chiropractic was my last hope to feeling pain-free and having more mobility!


After a cruise I developed a disorder of my body’s balancing (vestibular) system. It caused headaches, back and neck pain, and the sensation that I was constantly being rocked on a boat. I was unable to walk. I was constantly stressed and was having trouble with my vision. I dried medication and physical therapy, but that only seemed to make the problem worse.

I waited three months before I finally tried chiropractic care. My headaches and back pain are now gone. I have been able to decrease mediation use and my quality of life has improved!